5 Pregnancy Apps for Expectant Parents

Now you’re pregnant, you’ll be eager to learn everything about the process. Partly so you can keep an eye on your growing little one, and partly so you have a better idea of what you or your partner is going through. Pregnancy apps are a great way to track your child’s development and also get top tips for coping with pregnancy symptoms and managing things like tiredness and discomfort.

We’ve pulled together a quick guide to the top 5 pregnancy apps on the market.

Glow Nurture

Cost: Free (with Premium option)

Available on: Android and OS

Glow is more than just one app. It’s a family of four apps that anyone thinking of having a family could benefit from! Eve by Glow is a period tracking app, Glow is all about getting pregnant and conception, Glow Nurture is the best way to track your bump’s growth and Glow Baby is for everything after they arrive.

We’re focusing on Glow Nurture as it is focussed on your pregnancy journey, has a fun, inviting design that makes pregnancy feel a lot less daunting, and it’s full of great features. It comes with a Due Date Calculator so you can see how baby is developing right up until they arrive, a daily Health Log so you can update your information for more accurate results, insights for a healthy pregnancy that are personalised to your situation and a handy organisation section that lets you plot and remember key dates and appointments.

Additional features:

Over 1500 pregnancy articles

Kick counter to track baby’s movements

Contraction timer

Baby registry feature – add products, links and manage what others buy baby

Mirror pregnancy tracker for partners

Access to the Glow community of parents to share advice and tips

Range of pregnancy groups that reflect your journey – multiples, first time, etc.

Postpartum support

Pregnancy + | Tracker App

Cost: Free

Available on: Android and OS

This app is by-far one of the most popular downloads on both the App Store and Google Play. It offers free week-by-week information on baby’s development, along with articles about the changes you are both going through. With expert advice, daily articles and healthcare tips, it’s a perfect source for lots of information.

Another great feature is the interactive 3D models, showing almost life-like simulations of how your baby is developing in the womb. If you want to feel closer to your little one, then this app is a great way to do that.

Additional features:

Baby size guide with hand visual indicators

Pregnancy timeline with milestones

Guides covering topics like exercise, food, breastfeeding

Daily articles and blogs tailored to your stage of pregnancy

My Bump visual pregnancy diary that allows you to upload photos

Due date calendar, birth plan and to-do and shopping lists

Pregnancy weight log, contraction timer and kick counter

Sprout Pregnancy

Cost: Free

Available on: Android and OS

Another company providing a range of apps, Sprout has become one of the leading names in parenting apps. Sprout Pregnancy is used by lots of parents has won awards from Apple and Time Magazine, so that’s something you can put your trust in.

Alongside the detailed information about the development of you and your child, Sprout’s big feature is their award-winning fully-interactive 3D models of foetal development. It really gives you a lifelike simulation of what your little one is going through. The app was written by doctors along with pregnancy mothers to be, so it is full of medical insights and personal experiences from those who have already been through it.

Additional features:

Weight tracker

Kick counter

Contraction timer

Daily and weekly information about baby


Pregnancy journey with free PDF printing

BabyCentre Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker

Cost: Free

Available on: Android and OS

BabyCentre has become one of the most trusted online resources for new and expectant parents, so it only makes sense that they would create an app.

The BabyCentre My Pregnancy and Baby Today app is a great way to track your little one as they grow. It is packed with expert information and insights, as well as daily tips that will help to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond. There’s great information on coping with aches and pains, help choosing a baby name and even a feature that lets you turn those bump pics into a timelapse video you can look back on once baby arrives.

Additional features:

Tips on healthy pregnancies

Useful advice from medical experts

Detailed videos and pictures to show you how baby is developing each week

Connect with other mums-to-be

Discover your options for where to give birth

Wealth of fun, informative and supportive advice in baby’s first year

Baby’s development tracker

Advice on feeding, sleeping, health, playtime and more

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

Cost: Free

Available on: Android and OS

Quickly becoming one of the world’s best-known pregnancy and parenting brands, What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App is another highly recommended companion. The app was produced by What to Expect founder, Heidi Murkoff and a team of physicians, pregnancy and parenting health experts, editors and journalists to cover everything from before you conceive to the time baby turns one.

With personalised content, up to date health information and a wide range of useful tools, you’ll be able to track, monitor and understand the journey your bump and you are on. There is also access to the What to Expect community of new and expectant parents so you can share your experiences and get first hand tips from others going through the same thing.

Additional features:

Ovulation calculator for help conceiving

Preconception health checklist

Week-by-week pregnancy videos

Daily pregnancy tracker

Personalised content with tips, news and stories

Weekly information that explains each stage of your pregnancy

Expert advice for baby’s first year


So, there you have it. That’s our round up for the five best pregnancy tracking apps out there. Obviously, we recommend that you go with the option that best suits you and your approach to pregnancy. Apps can be really useful in helping you keep tabs on baby’s development and how your body is changing, but if it all feels a little much then remember you can just feel your way along as you go. With good support from your midwife, GP and loved ones, you can do this pregnancy thing your way.