Planning a Babymoon: What Do I Need to Know?

Baby is on their way and you’re probably in the throes of planning. There’s lot to do but it’s an excited kind of busy as you pick that perfect pushchair and nail their final nursery design. But it’s also important to rest. As a new mum, you’re taking on a lot physically. As an expectant family, you’re getting ready for everything to change. So, it’s important to build in some downtime before baby arrives. A great way to do that is to book a babymoon.

We’ve pulled together some key babymoon questions to help you figure out how you should spend your time before baby arrives. We’ve even got some babymoon destination recommendations for So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your babymoon.

Babymoons | The basics…

Here are some FAQs around babymoons, if you’re unfamiliar with them, then it’s a good place to start.

What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is a short holiday or trip expectant parents book to allow a little downtime and relaxation before baby arrives. It’s a good time to rest and recuperate before things get busy!

You might want to combine it with a baby shower and enjoy a fun-filled get away with the girls, or you may want to keep it to you and your partner to enjoy some downtime before parenting kicks in.

Where can I go on vacation when pregnant?

Depending on how far you are through pregnancy, you can either travel abroad or, if you want to avoid long journeys, there are plenty of great locations within the UK or your own country.

When should I book my babymoon?

In reality, you can book your babymoon whenever suits you. In terms of safe travelling, a good time to aim to travel would be between weeks 16 and 24, as this is when you will have a bit more energy and before general pregnancy discomfort kicks in.

Should I fly when pregnant?

This depends on how far you are through pregnancy. It is recommended that you do not fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Not only does it present risks, but the chances are also that you will be more uncomfortable and tired, so long-haul traveling is not ideal. Likewise, if you’re in the early weeks of pregnancy, morning sickness and general discomfort might make travelling too much of an exertion, so maybe avoid the first 12 weeks.

Either way, if you’re unsure whether it’s safe for you to fly while pregnant, it’s best to consult your GP. The NHS offer lots of great advice on travelling when pregnant.

Are babymoon’s safe?

Of course! A babymoon is like any normal holiday, only you’re smuggling an extra person along for the ride. As long as you follow the guidelines around travelling while pregnant and consult your GP if you have any other conditions, you should be fine.

Where should I go on my babymoon?

This is your holiday, so pick somewhere you’d be happy and relaxed. If you enjoy foreign holidays in the sun, do that. If you prefer to stay a little more local, then there are plenty of great places to stay right here in the UK.

What should I do on my babymoon?

A babymoon is a great time to catch up on rest before baby arrives, so be sure to avoid any holiday activities that are too strenuous. You might love white water rafting or climbing Everest, but this is not that sort of break. This is a time to let your body (and mind) relax - forget about pushchair shopping and birthing plans and enjoy a well earned break. So book things that will put you at ease.

Just be sure to check that any activities you book are safe during pregnancy. Some spa treatments, hot tubs and other activities are best to avoid. Consult with your GP if you’re not sure.

Babymoon Destinations | Top 5 UK Destinations from Spa Breaks

From award-winning restaurants to beautiful gardens, luxurious afternoon teas to pregnancy massages, here are some of the most beautiful spa destinations for an upcoming babymoon or even a baby shower! All chosen by leading spa travel company,

First of all, what do you need to consider when organising a babymoon?

A beautiful location

Plenty of space to enjoy quality time together or to invite friends

A spa that offers suitable pregnancy spa treatments for the mum-to-be

Room for all the baby shower gifts and maybe even options to hang decorations

Lusty Beg, Ireland

Lusty Beg in County Fermanagh is a unique destination - an island resort accessed by ferry in the heart of the Fermanagh Lakelands. Surrounded by vast parkland, you can opt to stay in self-catering lodges and chalets. The Island Spa is located in a lodge style building where you can lounge by the pool tucking into teas, coffees, smoothies and fruit kebabs.

They offer a Baby Shower Spa Day, which includes a New Mum New Life pregnancy massage for the mum to be. Guests choose one spa treatment from the following choices: a Seaweed Bath, an Aromatherapy Salt Bath, a Recover Touch Facial, or an Indulgent Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage. Enjoy drinks, a spa sharing platter and an assortment of finger food. You can also enjoy full use of the sauna, hot tub, garden and swimming pool, with use of robes, towels and slippers for the day. For a minimum of six guests and a maximum of 16.

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Pennyhill Park, Surrey

Pennyhill Park is a favourite amongst just about everyone, but for mums-to-be they really go that extra mile. The beauty is in the details - for example, especially when it comes to prenatal spa treatments. They have a wide range of facilities, which is perfect for a couple or group of friends, amazing food and beautiful grounds. For the mum-to-be, the pregnancy massage is designed to calm, ease feelings of discomfort and relax both mum and baby. First they make you comfortable, then your lower back, legs and arms will be massaged and soothed, using a relaxing pregnancy oil.

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South Lodge, West Sussex

This beautiful spa in the South Downs encompasses an exquisite hotel and a beautiful, purpose-built spa with design and sustainability at its heart. Embedded into the grounds with a sedum roof, favourite features include a natural wild pool and 14 nature-themed treatment rooms. For mums-to-be, they offer a pregnancy massage designed to relax, and ease aching muscles for those in the second and third trimester, and using a dedicated pregnancy oil.

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Gomersal Park Hotel and Dream Spa, West Yorkshire

Set in beautiful Yorkshire countryside and privately owned parkland, Gomersal Park is all about providing space for rest and relaxation. The spa has eight treatment rooms and two rasul mud chambers amongst its facilities, which is perfect for groups, while the mum-to-be can enjoy their Peaceful Pregnancy Face and Body Experience, which gently addresses any visible signs of hormonal changes on the skin and supports it through pregnancy.

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Alexander House Hotel Utopia Spa, West Sussex

Very much a destination for those looking for pampering and luxury, Alexander House Hotel Utopia Spa is a blissful retreat, steeped in history but offering every modern luxury as well. It's surrounded by gorgeous gardens - there's even a 'Spa Garden'. It's adult-only so you're guaranteed rest and relaxation. You should definitely enjoy afternoon tea, and if you want to stay overnight The Gatehouse is a fully serviced apartment on the edge of the estate with space for up to four people and perfect for groups of friends. They also have a beautiful Mother To Be Massage - 55 minutes attending to sore, tired and aching muscles.

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So, there you have it! Some great tips and insights into planning that perfect babymoon and some brilliant suggestions for Wherever you decide to go, and whatever you decide to do, make sure to take some time out for yourself, your partner and your bump. You've got a busy few months ahead, so now's the perfect time to put your feet up and treat yourself. 

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